Homeowners Forms

Homeowners 1 - Basic Form

Due to its having been written less and less frequently, this form has
been withdrawn in virtually all territories.  It is mentioned here for
reference purposes.  Note that this policy form is not included in the
latest (HO 2000) edition of the Insurance Services Offices homeowners


In addition to the Personal Liability coverage afforded in all the
Homeowners forms (to be discussed later), the Homeowners 1- Basic
Form covers the dwelling and other structures and personal property
against fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, riot attending a
strike, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles and smoke, vandalism, malicious
mischief, theft and glass breakage (discussed under

However, some of the perils are broader than the coverage in the
standard form.  Major differences are outlined below.

Explosion - All types of explosions are covered, even explosions of
steam boilers operated by the insured, and sonic boom.

Smoke - Excluded from coverage is loss due only to fireplaces and
industrial operations.

Vehicles - Excluded are losses caused by vehicles owned or operated
by a resident of the premises. There is no limitation on losses to those
situations in which there is actual physical contact of the vehicle with the
damaged property.

Vandalism or Malicious Mischief - The exclusion of coverage after a 30-
day vacancy does not apply in the course of construction.

Glass Breakage - Any glass that constitutes part of the insured dwelling
is covered, including glass in storm windows and storm doors.  Note that
this coverage applies to any breakage, whether or not caused by one of
the perils covered in the particular Homeowners policy.  There is no
coverage, however, if the dwelling has been vacant for more than 30
consecutive days before the breakage.

Volcanic Action - Coverage is automatically provided for loss due to
volcanic action above the ground and the cost of debris removal
necessitated by loss from such sources. Earth movement is not covered
under the basic policy but may be added by endorsement.


A central idea of most homeowners policies is the indivisible premium.  
The insured elects an amount of coverage on the dwelling
structure-$15,000 is the minimum under the form-and the amounts of
coverage under the other sections of the policy are related to this
amount, as follows:
Coverage B - Other Structures - 10% of amount on dwelling.
Coverage C - Personal Property- 50% of amount on dwelling.  
This coverage applies while worn or used by insured anywhere
in the world, except as limited under WHERE COVERED-Away
from the Premises (see below).
        NOTE: This amount of insurance may be increased or decreased to
as little as 40%. The off premises limit also may be increased.
        NOTE: An insured who maintains an incidental office, private school
or studio at the premises is required to increase from 50% to at least 60%
the coverage on contents under Coverage C.  An exception is made if the
insured gives music or dancing lessons, has made no physical alteration to
the premises for this purpose, and employs no assistants.
Coverage D - Loss of Use-including Rental Value-up to 10% of
the amount of insurance on the dwelling.
Coverage E - Personal Liability-$100,000.
Coverage F - Medical Payments-$1,000 per person.

Trees, Shrubs, Plants and Lawns - Coverage on anyone tree, shrub or plant is limited to 5% of the amount of insurance on the dwelling, or $500
per tree, etc., whichever is less.

Accounts, Bills, Deeds, Etc. - A limit of $1,000 applies to losses involving
accounts; bills; notes other than bank notes; passports; railroad, air line,
theater, and other tickets; securities; stamps and stamp collections and

Watercraft - A $1,000 aggregate limit is applicable to watercraft,
including their trailers, furnishings, equipment and outboard motors.

Trailers - Coverage is limited to $1,000 on trailers.

Breakage of Glass - Policy limits to $100 recovery for anyone loss under
this peril.

Damage to the Property of Others - Under this extension of the policy, the
insured is covered to a maximum of $500 in anyone occurrence for loss
or damage to property of others which is in his or her custody.  There is
no coverage, however, for loss caused intentionally by an insured under
the policy who has attained the age of 13, or to property owned by or
rented to an insured, a tenant of the insured or any resident of his or her

Fire Legal Liability - The liability section of the policy is extended to cover
the insured's liability for damages to the insured premises and house
furnishings arising from fire, explosion, or smoke or smudge caused by
sudden, unusual and faulty operation of any heating or cooking unit.


The Homeowners policy covers the buildings and personal property of
the insured while on the premises and subject to the limitations described
below - AWAY FROM PREMISES - while off premises.

Property Removed - If property is removed to protect it from an insured
peril which is endangering it, it is covered against all risks to the limit
applicable to the various classes of property insured under the policy.

Away from the Premises - As pointed out under Coverage C, coverage
on personal property applies anywhere in the world, except that only
10% of the personal property limit may apply if normally situated at
another residence of the insured.


The outline of the Homeowners forms analyzes the mandatory
coverages of the basic policy.  A array of optional coverages is offered
under the Homeowners policies.  Below are some of the more widely
used endorsements that provide additional protection:

Glass Coverage - The policy may be endorsed to cover scheduled
articles of valuable glass.

Earthquake Coverage - The policy may be extended to cover the peril of

Demolition, Increased Cost - An insured may be living in a dwelling of a
construction type which could not be utilized in rebuilding after a loss due
to the operation of zoning laws.  (This entire question is discussed under
FOR HOW MUCH-Building Ordinance Coverage.)  Coverage for the
increased cost of reconstruction may be provided by endorsement of the
Homeowners policy.
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